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run run run

Hyper Beam


Did another, slightly more intense workout last night. I think that coupled with my water intake is really helping, because the improvement this morning was just as noticeable as it was yesterday. I plan to try and incorporate this into my daily routine from here out. Even if it isn't actually helping, it can't be a bad thing anyway. I had forgotten that Wii Fit has a mode that lets you run for a specified amount of time so you can switch the TV over to watch something while you're running. I threw on some cartoons and managed to push through about an hour of running, which is a first for me. I think the distraction really helped because I know that when I have nothing else to think about I'll quit as soon as I start feeling tired. So that was pretty cool, anyway. According to my pedometer I did about 2 miles - not bad. So that's about it. I've been sticking with things as normal, and I'm seeing good results so far. I can't wait to see where I am a month from now, or even two months. One of my biggest reasons for starting the regimen in the first place was that I always feel like people judge me by my skin rather than who I am, especially in the bout of job interviews I've been through lately. I already feel like I could walk into one with much more confidence than I would have a week ago. The worst spots have all but disappeared, and the ones that are left are starting to smooth out. My scars (which I already knew were there) are starting to show, and they're honestly not as bad as I remember them. Maybe I can work on getting them to fade a little bit in time, but even if I can't I'd still be happy. Scars are easier to overlook than huge red spots. Tomorrow is photo day, so I can do my first comparison! I'm debating posting them here but we'll see, ha ha.


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