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Almost A Week



So I've been doing the Regimen for almost a week now and I'm alright with how it's turning out. I've been doing it for 6 days now, and I'm starting to get EXTREMELY dry! I've been cleansing extra gently, twice a day, around 8-12 hours apart, I'm using the recommended pea-sized amount of BP, and I've been doing 1 pump of moisturizer in the morning and the full 2 pumps at night.

It's been kind of a hard adjustment for my morning routine. Like I've said before, I'm someone who can get shower/get ready fairly quickly, so I really don't like having to wait FOREVER for my face to dry so I can apply make-up. I've seen several posts that recommend not using any make-up initially, and I just can't do that. Even before I had trouble with acne, I always wore make-up. Granted, it was as much as I wear now, but I still needed something to cover up my un-even skin tone. I have a condition called vitiligo, which causes certain areas of my face to lack pigment. It's really not noticeable in the winter because I'm very fair-skinned, but in the summer you can totally see it because I tan like no other. (I seriously look like a Native American lol). Anyway, with the lack of pigmentation in certain areas, my face looks very strange without make-up. I have EXTREMELY dark circles under my eyes, and that's been the case my entire life. I get adequate rest, it's just a trait my dad's side of the family has. "The permanently tired look." Wearing no make-up is just not an option right now. Maybe later on into the Regimen if my skin clears up and some of my marks/scarring fade, but not right now.

I'm a little surprised at how quickly my skin has become so dry. I knew it would, but I thought it'd take a little longer than 6 days! Especially with what little amount of BP I'm using, and the fact that my face generally looks like an oil slick! Like I said, I use the pea-sixed amount and put the bulk of it on my cheeks, then I use whatever is left over for the rest of my face. After that I've been getting a TINY, TINY bit more BP (maybe 1/4 of the pea-sized amount) and apply it to my nose and forehead. I've noticed that the main area of dryness is around my chin and mouth, which is surprising because I put very little BP there.

Then I moisturize, again putting the bulk of the moisturizer on my cheeks (and now my chin due to dryness) and then spreading it out all over my face. I've gotten a little more used to the length of time it takes to absorb, but I'm still not 100%. I've started doing the dishes, putting laundry in, and letting my dogs outside while I wait for my face to dry. I can't help but feel like I'm wasting so much time by taking an extra 30-45 minutes out of my day just to let my face dry! Maybe it'll just take more adjusting, who knows! I'm a very impatient person. I don't mind waiting the 5-15 minutes in between the washing, BP, and applying moisturizer because those are necessary for the Regimen. Trying to find things to occupy my time during the 45 minutes it takes for my face to dry absolutely should not be necessary.

Once my skin has absorbed the moisturizer, I apply my make-up. It doesn't go on nearly as smoothly as it did when using my Clinique Moisturizing Gel for Oily Skin. (I couldn't even tell I was wearing it, it was so light) My make-up looks very cake-y right now, which is not a good look. It also seems to be adding a yellow-ish tint to my skin, and I normally have pink undertones, so it looks a little funny with my make-up on. I guess it's a trial and error process. I'll figure out how to adjust to the changes, it just takes time.

Back to my dryness (after this I'll shut up-I promise!), I'm surprised to find that I'm sooooo dry around my mouth/chin because I don't put a lot of BP around it. The corners of my mouth are so dry that I can barely open my mouth without wincing. (Btw, I have a very high tolerance for pain, so this is unusual) I think I've gone through 2 tubes of Carmex chapstick so far! When I'm at home just sitting around, I've been applying vaseline/A&D ointment to the corners of my mouth, and it seems to really be helping. But if I'm going anywhere I can't do this because it creates the "I-just-ate-an-entire-bucket-of-KFC" look around my mouth it's so greasy, lol.

Anyway, that's been my weekly experience so far! I'm on-the-fence with how I feel about it at this point. There are a lot of elements to take into consideration right now. I don't plan on quitting, that's not my style. I try to give everything a fair shot before ruling it out. I'm a little nervous to start increasing my BP, so we'll see how that goes.

Sorry for boring you and writing such a long post! What can I say? I'm bored and I've got nothing better to do! I'll post again towards the 2 week mark and see how things are coming along!


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