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Starting The Regimen



Okay, I'm posting my intro and everything today, but I actually started The Regimen on Saturday, January 22nd. I received it early Saturday morning with my mail and I was very excited to give it a try! So I dug into my box, got all my products out, and got online to go over the steps a few more times before trying it myself.

I ordered the cleanser, BP, and the moisturizer. I'm thinking I might order the jojoba oil and the AHA eventually, but I'd like to give this stuff a try before I spend any more money at the moment.

My initial reaction was that I really liked the cleanser, it's very gentle! I was a bit concerned with only washing my face for 10 seconds or less. It's not like I normally sit and scrub my face till it's raw, but 10 seconds just didn't seem like I'd be able to get my face very clean. So the first time I cleansed with DK's cleanser, I lathered up really well like the instructions said, but I washed my face like I normally would and it ended up only being about 15-30 seconds. I'm already very gentle with my skin; before I started The Regimen I was using the "feather-light" touch, so I think I may stick with my 15-30 second washing that I was already doing and see how that goes. (If you think this is a bad idea let me know!). The BP was really weird for me. I used the small amount, like the instructions suggested, and it was barely enough to cover any of my face. So I applied that amount to my main problem areas (cheeks/chin) and then took a VERY tiny bit more and applied it on my nose and forehead. I was afraid that I'd use too much and immediately start drying out like a lot of the complaints that I've read, so I've been really careful not to over-use the BP. The moisturizer is a whole different ball game. I was not a fan upon my first use. The instructions said to use 2-3 pumps, but after seeing how much the first pump gave me, I decided I'd try that and then see if I needed more. I know that everything says to do the Regimen EXACTLY by the instructions, so maybe I'm off to a bad start, but we'll see! I'm not going to throw a fit if I don't see immediate results, so I'm willing to take the risk and try to modify it to my needs initially. And if I find that it's not working, I'll gladly switch and do things to the T of DK's instructions!

Back to the moisturizer issue! I used my one pump and gently applied it to my face just like the instructions say. The instructions also say that it should only take about 2 minutes, but that's not the case with my skin! I did the 2 minutes, and the lotion was still so thick and was barely absorbed into my skin. I pushed it around gently a little while longer, maybe 30-45 seconds, and called it quits. I sat down to read while I waited for my moisturizer to dry/absorb into my skin, and thank God I didn't have anywhere to be in a hurry because I waited around 45 minutes for it to dry! And it still wasn't completely dry at that point, but I couldn't wait any longer, so I went ahead and finished my getting ready routine (putting on make-up, doing the hair, etc).

I was willing to lengthen my morning routine a little bit, but not by a whole hour! It generally takes me about 20-45 minutes to get ready every day, which honestly isn't bad for a prissy 21 year old girl lol! It helps that I have longer hair and I just blow dry it a bit and put it up most days. I spend the majority of my time with the make-up part trying to hide my bumps. I don't know if I'll be able to make myself get up a full 2 hours before I need to be somewhere, just to make sure I moisturize properly. This moisturizer is very, very thick under my make-up! But like I said in my previous post, I'm normally extremely oily everywhere from my hair, my T-zone, my cheeks, etc.

In my personal experience so far, that amount of moisturizer seems like way too much. As I start increasing my amount of BP and the drying/peeling process starts, I'll DEFINITELY be using the full amount of moisturizer! So far I actually like The Regimen. I've just found that I need to modify it a little to fit my immediate needs. I'm still waiting the 5-15 minutes in between steps, washing my hands, being extra gentle, etc. All I've really done that's "against the rules" is wash gently for 15-30 seconds instead of 10, and use less moisturizer than suggested.

Alright this post is long enough! I ramble and give TMI! I'll update more in the next couple days or so. It'll be my first full week on the Regimen on Saturday! Hopefully I haven't screwed it all up lol!


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