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Day 7

Red Lady


not much to report on really :) I've finished my exams so I'm happpppy :D Still got massive spots which is bad.. and they hurt! Even lying on my pillow last night hurt... I had to lie on my back the whole night. But I'm coping. I also have dry hands?! and eyes/nose etc.... usual stuff :D




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I guess it was a bad night for both of us.... :boohoo: I have had so many days were sleeping on my back was the ONLY option...And when the pimples are bad in my ear that's when it's really horrible for me....UGH.. :D I also hate when my back pimples pop while I'm at work and people tell me i have blood in my back on my clothes...so gross!

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ouch! Yours sounds worse on your back than mine is. It's mainly the face for me. I've just got a lot of marks on my back from spots which will hopefully fade with time. Fingers crossed :boohoo: Let's hope for a better night's sleep tonight :D

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