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Ron Burgundy


Alright. First off, thanks Dan. This website is more helpful than most dermatologists in my opinion. (Ive only been to one but they are more interested in taking your money than clearing your acne.) I've just begun using the Acne.org products. That BP stings like a mother F. But i love the fact that it is water based. Ive used alcohol based 5% BP in the past and god damn, was it ever irritating. I can feel the difference (being the burn) with your pharmaceutical grade BP, even though its water based and only 2.5%. I guess it is suppose to be irritating at first. I think i used a bit too much right off the bat because my skin began to flake which hasn't happen to me since i was in grade ten. (I'm a 19 year old male by the way.)

Anyway, i'm not sure why i'm posting this; perhaps because this is the only place I can talk about something as embarrassing as acne. This is kind of shallow, but it is so good to know that im not the only one with acne, and that mine isn't even that severe. Just like you, i'm very self conscious about it. Only since stumbling upon this site have i stopped popping every single zit on my face. Its a horrible habit. And people, its sooooooo true that popping them makes it worse. If you cant stand the white head, well, give it 24 hours, and if your using BP it will surly dry up. Trust me, the red swelling and the bloody scab left over is always more noticeable than the pimple. Unless its dying, begging, screaming at you to be popped, leave it be.

What else? well, i could use some advice, although i think its just a matter of rationing my use of BP until i build a tolerance to the dryness caused, but i have always had the dry skin (apposed to oily) and i just cant seem to keep it moisturized enough. I continuously apply moisturizer throughout the day, which concerns me because shouldn't this leave a build up of unnecessary crap on my face blocking out oxygen? I bought some 'Divine Essence, virgin- 1st cold pressed, JOJOBA 100% PURE, organic, premium, unroasted, unrefined' (thats everything it says on the bottle). This should be good as an addition to moisturizer from what I've heard. Ive also heard that all oils are going to clog pores. And is tea tree oil any good as a spot treatment?

Questions, questions. Anyways, because i just started the regimen, i though i would track my progress on this blog. So far so good! the BP kills those pimples really quick, so i don't need to squeeze the puss out, which is very fun and satisfying but so is smoking, so i'm going to stop. (I'll stop smoking too but thats more for the sake of being able to run half a kilometer without keeling over and coughing up my lungs.) I guess thats all for now. And have some faith people. No one notices your acne more than YOU.


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