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Gonna try this one more time.



Derm called. Muscle enzymes came back fine. And I feel at 100% right now. So if it was the accutane causing the pain, then it's worn off completely. And if it was some mysterious flu thing, it's gone.

I joined a gym yesterday, thinking I wouldn't do the accutane any more.

Well, when she called just now and asked if I wanted to try it again, I told her yes.

Sooo I'm gonna start going to the gym and doing light workouts, mostly because I can't stand being inactive any more.

And I'm going to take the 'tane, give it one last shot.

If the muscle pain starts up again, I'll know it was the accutane. I'll stop taking it, and switch back to my old routine. But hopefully it works this time.

Hah, my dad even said that if I wanted to take accutane again, he would pay for my gym membership (it's only 10 bucks a month) if I was too weak to go. Aww.


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