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I think, or thirty-nine? Lol.

Anyways, two little tiny ones on my left cheek, but they seem to be right at the surface and going away already. I think that might be from Saturday, when I went to Spehora, the make-up girl had the un-socliatated idea (lol, searously, I just about cryed as she wiped my regular foundation off with some werid foaming cleanser and kleenex, my poor accutane skin) to apply NARS Sheer something-something-foundation to my face. I don't think my skin was too happy, in between the super thick mostiruizer, the horrible green primer, the buffed on layers of founation and brozer she applyed, I could litterly feel the grossness sinking into my skin. Went right home and washed it all off, but yeah, I wouldn't be surprized if that caused some zits. I'm a total believer in less-is-more when it comes to face products, and that combination was way way too much.

Other than that, everything else is pretty much as it was before, only a few of the blackhead/clogged pore things left, those two zits, and yeah. I've been eating really badly the last couple days, I'm totally PMSing right now and I've got the munchies in a way I don't think I've ever had before. I could litterly eat an entire convenince store of crap and still want more. Maybe it's the Accutane, but I've got like pregant lady level of food cravings. So hopefully that dosen't cause some crazy food induced breakout. LOL. :D

So yeah! :):D:evil::D


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