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FINALLY! I woke up and my back pain is minimal! I was suffering so bad, it is such a relief to wake up feeling somewhat normal. :D

I love how my co-workers tell me that my skin looks better...but I don't see it. I'm still breaking out and having HUGE systic acne showing up on a daily basis, but the parts that are clear look good. My black heads are beginning to disappear which is nice. I can't wait for my forst 30 days to go by. I'm hoping I stop breaking out after that. I am dying to wake up without any new pimple....

Tomorrow I go for blood work and I'm praying things are ok....since I have been having so many side effects....if I list them they go like this... :)

1.dryness- all over! (which I like in my face - since I've been so oily for so long...)

2. Joint, musle PAIN!

3. lost of appetite

4. Lost of concentration

5. Irregular periods

6. Itchy scalp and flakiness - My hair is also much dryer

7. Sensitivity to light

8. Nose bleeds on a regular basis

9. Breakouts Every day! :D

10. Bleeding gums.. :evil:

11. Fatigue - I am so tired all the time.

I think that's all for now.... BUT FOR CLEAR SKIN IS WORTH IT! I can deal with the side effects at this time....as long as they stil like this I will work through it....


By the way I'm hooked to bloging! Is such a stress releaver! Till tomorrow....


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