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From Taz to Daniel Kern's Regimen



Hello All...

Its been a long time since I've written a blog entry... probably a little less than a year. Since I have a little time at work to post in lieu of my skin regimen change, I thought I'd post something.

If you read the beginning of my blog, you'll learn that I used to love Proactiv Solution but when I turned 21, my skin started reacting to it in the weirdest way. Needless to say, I stop using it and fortunately, was able to maintain clear skin for the next 6 years by simply washing and moisturizing my face.

Last year, out of nowhere, my skin broke out terribly. I was healthy. Eating right. Working out. Doing all the things I needed to do to be clean from the inside out. So I did a lot of research and convinced my doctor to put me on a Tazorac regimen. For the first 3 months the experience was terrible. But once I got through the infamous "breakout stage" my skin was great. (Please read earlier posts to get all the details).

The thing with Tazorac is that you can't stop or you will be screwed. It's not a spot treatment so it doesn't work for those pimples that pop up over night. But it's great for hyper-pigmentation.

For the past 6 months or so, my skin hasn't been as clear as I think it should be using Tazorac everyday. Because I had some of Acne.org's 2.5% BP, I decided to start using it. After the first night of use, all of the pimples on my face went away but, I woke up to a really red and irritated face. I read more about the regimen on this site and was motivated to follow through with Daniel's suggestions.

I'm on my 3rd week of the regimen and I believe this is the real deal. BP always worked wonders for my skin but I thought I was allergic. With continual use, I don't have any irritation but I do have a bit of dryness. I haven't found where Daniel says to exfoliate which I need to do badly. I can't imagine a lot of dry skin being on my face is good.

Daniel's products are awesome. I started the regimen with my own facial soap and moisturizer but my skin just wasn't right. No pimples. But it just didn't feel good. Therefore, I bought his complete system including the Jojoba oil and AHA, and my skin is really looking great. I have a couple of pimples right now and some hyperpigmentation on my cheeks but again, I'm not wearing any makeup and I feel great. And the AHA is great for spot treatments. It works with the BP to get rid of annoying spots. For the first time, I really feel like I'll have clear skin AGAIN one day. :)


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