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Tlee and 'Tane

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Day 5



Well, 'BAM' and the oil is gone.... but im not dry dry. I really like it, soooo over the oil. My skin looks really good at the moment, the best it has in over a year. It has quite a calm appearance, my lips are dryer, but not unmanageable.

No break outs ....(yet...) Assuming my IB is lurking around the corner just up the road... :)

I had some freakish allergic reaction to i dont know what at work today, resulting in me having to blow my nose about 700 times this afternoon with cheap work-supplied tissues :D My nose is now soooo sore and red and im woried ive broken the skin and it will take ages to heal, or get infected or something. I put some hand cream on it (all i had in my desk!), and when i got home i coated it in savlon antiseptic cream....

Other things ive noticed: I do feel the sun more, and thats on pretty tanned, usually un-sun-sensitive skin. I have had a bit of trouble with sleep. I have had a few incidents where i have just had no energy whatsoever and have had to lie down.

Really, im travelling okay so far...


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