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Fish Oil!



So I'm pretty much on Zinc, Fish Oil and Doxycycline.

I'm having one Zinc tablet every night, 4 Fish Oil soft-gels everyday (breakfast and lunch) and the ant-biotic, well I'm trying to cut down from 1 tablet every alternate day to 1 tablet every 2 days.

I tried cutting down doxycycline for a week, but then the acne springs right back in the form of inflamed red scarring types on my cheeks.. :)

Sometimes I feel, irrespective of everything I have I just get acne, especially on my cheeks, because of..uh..I'm guessing a hormonal imbalance? I don't even know if this makes sense..I mean do guys get hormonal imbalances like chicks? Something I'll have to look into..

The Fish Oil is making my skin all soft and it seems less oily, rather thinner oil.

I'm trying to get on the Paleo Diet also..but its pretty tough cutting out on gluten and dairy and what not!


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