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Day 12



Hi everyone! Its day 12 and here are my reports. Dry lips is what is the main side effect Im feeling. My skin is still oily but has a weird tone to it. My scalp is dry and flaky and gets itchy at times. Other than that it seems like the side effects have been mellow. I have been able to work out as usual. I take my accutane with a glass of milk. I have been sleeping better. I guess I have been happier actually because I know taking this drug can help my skin. Im looking forward to have my skin back and be able to wear tank tops and halters tops w confidence.

Here is my skin care regimen: Cetaphil Cleanser,Purpose Lotion w spf 15 and neutrogena night cream. I stopped using all my designer moisturizers and serums and proactive until im done w my treatment. I wear bare mineral makeup and sometimes a heavier foundation if Im going out or if Im feeling extra zitty. I just want to be natural and not have to wear much makeup.

Anyway..so far so good..I feel like its taking soo long!


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urgh! I long for the day when I don't have to wear make up to cover my spots!
I hear you! I cant wait to not have to wear so much foundation, powder and foundation primer! keep your fingers crossed hopefully the accutane will work.
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I feel the same way! I just want to be able to wear mascara and some blush and be good to go! I hate wearing makeup. Right now my face looks great but my upper neck and jawline is a mess. I just want it to go away. I am keeping positive though and trying to ride out the storm in hopes of sunny skies at the end! : ) Just gotta keep the faith and give it time!

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