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No matter how many times i SWEAR to stop eating dairy, i always think -Oh, well maybe a spoonful of this, or a small bite of that wont do anything-


I had two spoonfuls of ice cream the past week, and i have 4 whiteheads on my chin, 1 under my nose, and 1 in the corner of my mouth.

Not only that, but i have a full out zit starting to form on my chin as well... Goddamnit.

I'd usually attribute it to lowering my BP (1 and 1/8th pumps!) but my skin has been perfectly fine, until yesterday, exactly 1 week after eating ice cream.

Sucks man, really sucks. i'm gonna go take some advil and try not to think about it, otherwise imma end up popping them all.

Edit: Oh god, i just applied lemon juice after cleansing, because i wanted to see if it would help with my marks, i remember when i used it before, my skin looked so soft and pretty, but the burning was just too much, and it was so sticky.

Anyway, i applied my EVOO once it dried, and when i tried to put BP on, it literally MELTED off my face, and dripped into my hands.

i still managed to rub it all in, but it was so watery :) i've never experienced that before, i don't know if its the lemon juice or what, but holy shit that was WEIRD.


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