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5th week - more red zits!



I think my breakout is getting worse. ):

I have more red bumps near the sides of my nose and more white heads on my forehead. Uggh, this seriously sucks, and tomorrow I have a party to go to. :\

I read somewhere that this initial breakout usually lasts between 2-8 weeks into it...so I'm pretty much right smack in the middle 'cause it's been 5 weeks since I started using it. I'm really hoping that once it's been 6 or maybe 7 weeks I'm going to start seeing results because I really hate my skin right now. My self confidence has never been this low before and right now I'm just doing a lot of hoping that this product will make my skin clearer and give me a confidence boost.

Again, I shall give it more time. :\

I'll update in another week!