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No war... Just peace


Hi! Im almost 18 years old... and Im going through a real hard time with acne! I moved to a new country a year ago... Belgium, to be exact, and the climate here is just terrible for me... Ive been going through a rocky emotional ride too so I suppose that has a lot to do with my sudden flare!

And acne gets me really down... Cant shave and always have to cleanse because my face gets MEGA oily! And obviously the fact that my face is, as I like to refer to it, "volcanically active"... all covered with bumps and blotches...

My family doesnt understand acne AT ALL! and thats very hard too! They complain about how it costs too much buying all the topical treatments I need every month... they joke about how I am "obsessed" and that acne treatment is beauty treatment...

After suffering with acne for three years now, I discovered accutane! I was researching and I came across what seemed like a wonder drug! I decided to go to the dermatologist, a thing which I had been avoiding because the doctors here speak french and Im not too comfy with that, and she said she could give me accutane!

My family couldn't care less, they dont know anything about the side effects... and I start in a week... To be honest Im more excited than scared! But i want to know if acne comes back after you finish a course of accutane... is it worth it? Ive got severe acne by the way...


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