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Official Start date is now Feb. 6.



My official start date for Accutane is now February 6. I was supposed to be starting this Saturday, so to me this is really disappointing because I had so much hope that my struggle with acne would be over sooner than later, but now I have 17 days to wait AGAIN. I've been bumped up to 200 mg of Doxy for the remaining 2.5 weeks. I am going off Finacea in the morning, because it makes my skin so so so itchy. I have been using Glytone Face Wash for 2 months now, but I am switching back to Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash because my skin has just gotten worse over the last two months. Even though I know its probably not the face wash, mentally it will make me feel better to go back to my tried and true product with Neutrogena. My Tretin X (.025%) is really running out, so tonight I am going to start using the samples of Veltin that my derm gave me. Veltin is essentially the generic of Ziana, which is 1.2% clindamycin phosphate/tretinion .025%. Maybe in 17 days before Accutane I'll see some progress. Doubtful, because my period is coming in two weeks and the week before my period the last three months I have gotten at least one cyst and lots of other pimples.

Honeslty, even after Accutane, I don't think I'll ever stop using Tretinion. That made me skin freakin' beautiful for a good 2 years, and very clear for 4 years. And when I mean beautiful for 2 years, I mean flawless, porcelain skin. I had a woman stop me, who I'd never met before, and say "Oh my god, I just had to tell you, you have the most beautiful skin I have ever seen." That is why my struggle with acne now is so annoying, because I struggled with it already and felt like I conquered it. I felt like I had won the battle over acne, and now at 22, I am back fighting this battle again. So annoying. I'll post if I see any progress over the next 17 days, if not, I'll start posting once I start Accutane!


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