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Day 8 symptoms: DRY DRY LIPS! and Very thirsty all the time. My skin is starting to flake a little bit. It seems like my complexion looks more even but still has small hard little pimples all over my neck and back, down my spine and side of my face. My forehead look a teeny bit better excpet for a few med zits! I thinking how bad can the IB be really be? My face has been in the IB state for almost 2 years..so i really can't imagine it getting worse. Any thoughts?? I guess Im just in denial. :) Im soo anxiously waiting for the IB to come throguh so I can get over it! I work with people everyday and I see them up close soIm super sellf conscious of them staring at my braille covered face. =( Oh well..

I guess thats all I have to report.


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