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So the derm just called me back... this is not good.



She said that after four days, I should NOT be having muscle pain like this. Told me to hold off on the Accutane for now, go to the lab tomorrow to have blood drawn (she said to check CK levels/muscle enzymes). It's possible I'm just coming down with the flu, she said, but in my personal opinion, this is NOT the flu.

Today I've had a headache alllll day. Not migraine status, just a small but *steady* headache. Drinking water isn't doing anything to help it. I'm thinking this is also the "brain pressure" symptom from the Accutane. DAMN IT, BODY. :)

So tomorrow I'm getting my labs done to make sure nothing's terribly wrong. Once my derm gets the results she's gonna call and discuss if I wanna try it again. I'm gonna be off the 'tane for at least the next week, though. To see if I feel any better.

I really really really want this to work. Like. SO bad. I'm thinking if my labs come back clean I'll try it one more time. But if my symptoms come back as bad as they are now, I'm going to say screw it. Who knows? Maybe I'm part of that 1% of people who get immediate severe reactions and just can't take it. It'll be okay. I'll live. My previous regimen of Tetracycline, Pledgets and Retin-A was working fairly nicely, even though it's not a viable permanent solution. And then I'll just have to see if I grow out of the acne. :/


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