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Day 15



What has been most surprising to me about being on Claravis, even for so short of a time, is the ever changing condition of my face. Today, my face was oily, but a friend said to me "Your skin looks better already!" My eyes were not nearly as red or dry today. Even my lips felt a little less chapped! What is up with that? I do notice a bit more itchiness on my hands, back and chest. But even that seems to come and go. I continue to sleep well. Tomorrow, things may be completely different!

Tonight, I get to take a long soak in my Jacuzzi tub...before Tane, I soaked every night. I have cut back to every other night so that my skin will not dry out. I light candles, put on some music and read a favorite book or new magazine...it is my "me" time and it really helps me to decompress from my day. Hopefully, my skin will not get so dry that I have to stop entirely...a quick shower is just not the same!

Hubby is doing fine and has not complained of one side effect. He is not normal! LOL!


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