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Week 15 (Day 106)



Dosage: 30 mg Claravis

Acne: A few breakouts on both cheeks, some scattered whiteheads around my mouth and chin

Side Effects: Dry lips....

I finally had my 3 month check-up a few days ago, so I'm "officially" into month 4... The good news is that they were able to schedule my next appointment ON TIME, so I won't have to skip any pills this month!!

Things are improving. I was really clearing up until a few days ago, and had another bad breakout on my cheeks. It seems like this always happens a few days after I wear makeup other than concealer (which is usually only one night a week), so I really hope that isn't the cause. I haven't worn any makeup since Saturday night, and now it's starting to clear up (with the exception of one cyst that has been there for the past month or so).

My dermatologist was pleased with my skin, and said I'll hopefully be able to do a 6-month course instead of 7. That's only 2 more months!! I'm trying to grasp the fact that I may have clear skin in 2 months... I can only hope!


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