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Day 173 - More? + Trip!



So I am nearing the end (for the 2nd time lol) of my accutane..maybe. I have 3 pills left, which once i am done will bring me to being on accutane just under 6 months. Howeverrr, Im going on a trip next month, and I am terrified of breaking out and getting oily skin and hair once im off the pills, so im entertaining the thought of refilling my prescription (I still have I refill left, dont know why) and continuing to take it until Feb.15th or so, even tho my derm only told me to stay on it until Jan.21, I still have the refill on the prescription my fam doc gave me a while ago, she put like a million refills on it (sometimes i wonder about her..)lol. I am going to whistler finally!!! ive alwaysssssss wanted to go there ever since i was like 12 so ya im so excited and i really dont want to experience any post accutane breakouts,and it would be really nice to keep my nice non-oil slick face for the trip, and not have to wash my hair every night. it would be really great, so i think im gonna get more pills and hope the ppl at the pharmacy dont put 2 and 2 together and realize i should be done :) As for my skin right now, its real good except i have red marks to deal with now. I have one microscopic spot on my forehead, which im 99% sure is from my dad putting his hand on my forehead checking if i have a fever cuz ive been sick the past few days. speaking of that, i have been taking cold/flu medicine and what not for the past few days and nights, and i dont know if i should be if its too hard on my liver with the tane but nothings happened so far so i guess its ok? also my nose is soooooo dry still its slowly driving me insane. vaseline is my best friend now. my lip crack was totally gone but its re appeared yesterday and im trying to heal it up again. so annoying! lol. i also got a haircut today! just a trim and re-layered, nothing fancy but i like it :D anyways i guess thats it!

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hijust a quick question.....Did you get the breakout at the beginning? i got it around 4 weeks im only on 9 weeks so far and the breakout is only just subsiding,it was the worse my skin has ever been.Also what dose were you on to start with?thanks kat

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