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Day 5 and muscle pain already?



Last night I couldn't sleep because I had muscle pain/restlessness sooooo bad. What's going on? I thought that stuff was only supposed to pop up way later.

This morning I had to force myself to get out of bed... at 11:30. I showered and ate, but the dizziness just isn't going away (I get dizzy/faint easily if I go too long without eating. Haven't fainted yet but I'm sure it's possible). So now I'm dizzy. Feeling faint. Muscles in my legs are screaming at me softly. :) And I can't sit/stand for more than ten minutes without having to go lay down. I am not liking this AT ALL. I'm scared to continue with the Accutane if it's only day five and this bad. What if it gets worse?

I'm going to call my derm tomorrow if the muscle pain and faintness continue. I have to go to work later tonight and I'm really not feeling up to doing my job... and all my job involves is a bunch of walking, some kneeling, and some stretching (I work retail. Need to get to those top and bottom shelves).

Right now just putting on my makeup is a chore. I've had to go lay down twice already because I'm feeling faint while sitting up.

I had SUCH high hopes for accutane. And now this. :/ Hopefully my doc will lower my dose next month, and put me on an every-other-day schedule. Til I talk to her, I'm either going to skip tonight's dose or take it on an empty stomach. So it's not absorbed as much. :/

All the warning labels on muscle weakness are starting to scare me.


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