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Fellow Bloggers,

I am in the lead up to starting Roaccutane. I have had the bloods already, tomorrow have day surgery to fulfil the contraception requirement, and then i will be set....

Acne History:

started when i was 13 and was very bad then. Since then prescribed numerous antibiotics, topicals, and contraceptive pills. None of these were 100% effective. Did have times when i was on no medication at all and my skin was quite good.

A couple of years ago i discovered i had PCOS, insulin rsistance, and hashimotos thyroiditis. I am very small at around 45kg and 165cm.

Last year it was discovered i had a tumor in my uterus. This was a shock to the specialists as i am only 23 and should not have grown a tumor, especially to the large size it was, in my uterus. Thats my crazy hormone problems at work there. It could not be determined what it was prior to surgery. The question marks were cancer, and if i would lose ovaries or my uterus, or if not that, the ability to have children. My stress was monumental.

In the ten days between finding this out and having the surgery (may 2010) for removal, my face broke out SO BADLY, like no other breakout in my life. Massively swollen, under skin, red, horrific. I went on akamin antibiotics two days before my hospital stay, and stayed on them until only last week. I also had the last two months on cyprone anti-androgen. I then decided to see the derm because i knew i could not stay on cyprone forever, and its long term effects on fertility are unknown. I dont need that risk considering my history.

So in the time since my surgery my skin has dramatically improved, but is scared, and is not 100% clear. It is EXTREMELY oily - so much so that by the end of the day, my make up, which i wear to cover scarring, is so shiny and gross, that i look like im made of wax and am melting :)

So im looking forward to less oil, and not having to wash my hair every day, but i am actually ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of going on Roaccutane. Im worried about the side effects as i have so many health issues already, and im also worried about the initial breakout, because my skin is in a state of relative clearness.

Adding to my anxiety is the fact that i work in a professional capacity and have to deal and negotiate with people - if i break out really badly, that will just kill me. When i had my really bad breakout i was so devastated and horrified by my appearance that i wouldnt leave the house and cut off all my friends because i couldnt let them see me looking so terrible. Even now my skin is clearer, it is still scarred, and my confidence is completely gone. The thought of how i look is constantly in the back of my head, bringing me down.

But anyway enough of all that, i will let you all know when i start shortly ...


try not to worry about the IB as my derm said it doesnt happen to everyone.Its about 30% that get it i unfortunatly got it about 4 weeks into my accutane i never had it so bad and im now 8 weeks in and only today have i noticed that it seems to be getting a little better.I also work in a face to face office enviroment and yesterday was my first day in since the new year , so i felt very embarrassed but as my friend said,its a condition.good luck with everything :boohoo:)

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Hey, Oh i didnt know tha it was as low as 30%!!!Im sorry you got it so bad - at least you can see improvement now i guess...Yeah, thats a good way to put it (condition).Thanks for your comment, and good luck to you too :boohoo:

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