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Tane Time

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Day 70



So Im just over two months and still having break outs. Not as bad as the past two months but not what I hoped for two months in. The derm upped my dosage to 30 mgs a day.

My skin is still dry and if I try to peel problem areas, too much skin comes away and leaves the area raw and aching. I have to be careful, but its hard when your skin looks so flaky.

I have noticed some joints aching at random times. Mostly my knees, I had surgery on the right one a couple years ago and it sometimes bothers me. But this is random and it comes in like stabs of pains instead of long aching pains. Like my ankle once hurt bad it was hard to walk, but it only lasted like 10 minutes.

No more bloody noses, but still chapped and cracking lips. Last week I had a pustule on my lip. It sucked, it looked like a cold sore but with a white head. Sick. Also my eyes are dry. Well they actually feel watery but I think they are acutally dry , if that makes sense.

I keep thinking that it might be getting better but then Ill have a few more break outs. I am so ready for an improvement. Im sick of the pain of these break outs and the pain in the ass of covering them up and being self concious.


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