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Going into my third month this week



It has been a while since I have updated. I have been working alot over Christmas break. I start back to school on Tuesday so it will be fun to see how the stress affects my skin. haha Well let me tell you about my skin at the moment. The acne. It is getting fewer and fewer everyday. Most days I don't wake up with any new pimples. The medicine is just fighting the old ones I guess. My biggest concern at the moment is that most of the spots on my face are old pimples that have been there for months and are just scarred I guess? And I can't get any sort of microdermabrasion done until a month after I am off the treatment. So my actual acne is clearing up but I still can't go without makeup because my face still has spots. It will be after summer before I get off Accutane so it will be fun trying to go swimming this summer. I was told not to use a tanning bed. Does anyone know if it is just the tanning bed or will I be allowed to lay outside this summer? Okay back to my skin. So it is so dry. No matter how many layers of moisturizer is on my face when I put my makeup on it starts to flake up. Also on my biceps and tops of my hands I have these like bumps. They aren't noticeable but you can feel them. It is just dry skin but it still bothers me. haha Other than that I am really not having any side effects. At first my joints were really dry and it make it hard to move around alot and if I worked out I would get tired easier but it seems to be getting better. Maybe my body is getting used to it? I really have no idea to be honest. Oh well. That is all I have to say. I will try to make time to update more. Please leave any comments or reccomendations below. I love to hear from you all! :)


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