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Day 5.



So I've been on Accutane for 5 days now.

I don't know if it is my strict moisturise everything routine, but I haven't had any dry lips, dry face. In fact the only side effect I have had is a headache once!

I take my 50mg in the morning with three weetabix, skimmed milk and lots of sugar. I'm going to start taking fish oil supplements with my breakfast because I don't think there is enough fat in my breakfast to make my 50mg as effective.

My skin however looks great. I came into this with relatively clear skin and I still get a spot a day but they are what I call white black heads and when I clean them out they may leave a red mark the size of a pin head so basically they are pretty non existent atm.

My skin regime goes as this:


Murad cleanser.

Murad exfoliating gel.

Clinique Even Better moisturiser (this gently removes dark red scars as well and I can lather it on without worrying about a breakout)

I use Blistex on my lips three times a day and don't need to reapply chapstick.

I also use Aqueous cream up my nose.

E45 cream on my arms and hands.

And finally Murine eye drops for tired eyes.

I repeat this process in the evening as well.

I sometimes put some sudocream on dark areas.

Woah that seems alot when I read it back!!!



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