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Ooooh Yeah

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Yes! Horrible breakout adverted! lol. All clear for tonight (lol my cat is licking my perfume off), just killing time til 7 then out I go. So excited.

So status update: completely clear, red marks and blackhead galore still of course, but I can cover that up so it's not too tramatic. Blackheads are really starting to come to the surface now, some big nasty ones that must have just been chilling in my skin for years coming up. No wonder why, even when clear, my skin still tended to look kinda rough pre-accutane. So yeah, even my bitching and complaning during my IB (and two missed days of work, lolol) I definitly would take Accutane, what a difference already, and I still have five months to go.

Gonna be drinking alittle tonight, probably a glass or two of wine, hopefully my liver dosen't explode.



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