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one down, many to go



Hey all! I just realized I hadn't updated in a while so here I am! My first month ended today so today starts week 5. My skin is still somewhat dry but honestly it isn't too bad. Dan's moisterizer, although goes on smoothly doesn't really keep the flakes away. I put that on and within 5 minutes I need to add my own. I use Pond's dry skin cream instead of adding jojoba oil only because I didn't want to have to order anything offline. I will just wait until I order my next batch of the regimen. Although the Ponds seems to work wonders. But honestly I wouldn't use Ponds without using Dan's first. If you have sensitive skin, I'm not sure how it is going to react for you. I know that I break out fairly easily and this stuff is amazing and hasn't broken me out. I have been using it for years, though.

I have some breakout but they aren't as bad as they used to be and they go away faster, too ... so I think. Honestly it is really hard to even remember anymore. I know I should take pictures but I am really nervous. What if I take pictures and there is not as much progress as I think and it looks really bad?! I don't want to be discouraged. My skin is definitely smoother than it used to be but that is something I noticed in the first week. If you have read the "what to expect" portion of this site then you have read that it says to expect a breakout around the 2 or 3 week. That didn't happen - thankfully, but like I said I still get a few small breakouts here and there. And I get them in places I never get breakouts. I used to get my breakouts on my jawline and under my chin and now I will get one pimple in a random place. Like right now I have one above my eyebrow. That has never happened. I think I am still getting used to the BP and the regimen in general. I am up to the full dosage so maybe that's why I get one or two in new places.

Other than that I still get a couple pimples in the areas that I used to but again they aren't as big or bad anymore. I can't tell if my face is any less red than it used to be but I will take redness over breakouts any day. A lot of people have said they are experiencing itchy, red and peeling skin. I haven't had any of that (and hopefully I won't) so if you have read that about other people, don't let it turn you off from the regimen.

As for right now I am going to continue doing the regimen the same way I have been since I am seeing improvements. You won't fully see any real/permanent improvements until at least 3 months so I am going to keep going and see what happens!!


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