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Jan 13 2011 2nd Day of accutane



Hi all! I started accutane yesterday and I was looking online for other people's results and their personal experiences. So here I am I guess experimenting with blogging my experience.

I am 30 years old female and I have had acne most of my teen through now adult life. My acne wasn't too bad, but when I did break out it would be a few big ones on my chin, nose area forehead. I have pretty oil skin and i just figured that it was a hereditary thing. I have accepted that I have acne prone skin and that is just a part of me. The last 6 years I have been using Pro Active and it would control my acne 65% of my breakouts.

Around Nov 17 2009 my skin broke out like CRAZY! The acne was small little pimple ALL OVER my face and spread to my shoulders, neck and back! I have never experinced anything like this!

I went to see a derm and he gave me antiobiotics and tretinoin cream. That didnt work. I was on antibiotics and tretinoin for a year n half almost 2. I was tired of the pills and cream not working so I went an got a 2nd opinion. The second derm wanted to prescribe me accutane. I was really really terrified and against taking it because of everything i had heard about it. I thought about it for a month while, I was on the waiting list for ipledge and was so bummed that I had to go on accutane to help clear my crazy acne. This is my final resort to helping my skin.

I know it only day 2 of me on accu but I wanted to try to keep a journal or blog of my journey on this so called "dangerous " drug. Im optimistic and will keep an open mind while Im on this. Im not going to go looking for all the bad things its supposed to do and over analyze everthing.

Ive been prescribed 20mg of ammnesteen 2 X a day. For 6 months! Im looking forward tp having my clear skin back!


Hey,I'm on my third day of Roaccutane. So i'll keep an eye on your blog to compare symptoms!Hope all goes well, so far all I have got is a headache but I can't say for sure that is due to Accutane!

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Great! Nice to meet you! I don't seem to have any symptoms yet. Maybe just a little bit of dry lips, but its winter here so it maybe due to the cold weather.

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