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My ROA treatment ended last Sunday (it was 5 months 10mg). Was at the derm on Monday. I asked about this ultraviolet light therapy. She said yes, there is such thing. I asked what the nearest place would be to do it; she said at solarium aka tanning booth, and pointed one in our town, to which I gave a deep *sigh*, cause I think I dont want those stares at by back acne. She said cause of ROA I should start with 6 minute exposure, and use the vertical booth. I will check that place in February or March.

I asked about cortisone injections; she smiled and said that I read too much; I said "well, of course I read about this". She suggested A+E vitamines; I told her I used zinc E, C, D to which she gave a big positive nod. I just find it strange its me I have to tell/ask this, if not for this site I would never think of zinc, and if some clueless dude walked just like that to her (this derm) and she didnt tell about zinc? Nobody will care for you more than yourself. I asked her about calcium chloride (Sol. Calcii Chloridi 10 %), she said its good- helps against allergies and "bad things", but didnt give a detailed answer why and how. When I left (out of little guilt probably) she said shes happy that I am improving. We agreed I will see her once a month for control. I bought linseed oil, it says on the bottle it has 51g omega3, 19g omega6, 0g cholesterol per 100g. The psychiatrist will be in town on 26th Jan. I also trying to make other appointments for stuff that bothers me. This is highly stressful. I have disputes and arguments with my mom often. I asked her before- if she had to deal with this- would she go to that yoga-herbal-healer shes seeing or a professional dermatologist? She said she`d go to healer definately. I asked her- but dont you see that I improved (no cysts on face for 2+ months)? She said "yes, but healer says you have kidneys and liver gone bad". Fu*k dem healers. Maybe I should give you folks the name and adress of this healer, because by the sound of it, he is very healing. I came across the term "hyperventilation" here, its nice they have a name for this.


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