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Ooooh Yeah

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Twenty six



The inside of my nose is so dry now that I constantly have crustys around the bottom of it. Lol. Sometimes I'll be talking to someone and after we're done I'll touch there and die alittle inside, haha! I probably look like I have a massive coke problem or something.

Sooo, I have a date on Saturday! That means, my skin better be completely awesome! If I randomly start phase three of my IB, I think I'll just cancel, adopt 14 cats and live the rest of my life as a reculsive cat lady. Haha. :)

I caved yesterday and ended up squishing out a few blackheads, managed to get one of the biggies, but I really need to NOT do that, I'm gonna end up with new scars.

Other than that, nothing else new. Just took another Omega 3, they seem to be helping with my asthma too, havn't had a flair up now in the last few days.


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