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13 weeks



Thirteen weeks?! It seems like it's been much longer than that! I had my follow up last week. My doc says she's very please with my results so far and that February will be my last month on the meds! She says I will still continue to see improvement when I'm off the meds, so I'm happy about that. There's not too much to report, I just wanted to check in. My skin feels so soft and smooth, I can't believe that it's actually mine. The only real bummer is all the scarring and redness I have. It makes me look like I have breakout when I don't at all. I hope that at least most of it will subside soon. I would love to be to the point where I don't have to wear any cover up. All that dryness is pretty much gone. Except on my lips! They're still way dry and cracked all the time. I'm constantly applying lip balm. Though, I am starting to get some other side effects. My body is achy ALL the time. I already had bursitis in my hip before I started the meds, but lately it's been really bad and painful. I've been getting headaches more often that can last up to 3 days. Almost like really mild migraines. I also get tired more quickly than before. All this stuff started probably a little over a month ago, but have since gotten a little worse. Hopefully, they don't last much longer after I stop the meds. I'm gonna talk to my doc about all that upon my next visit. That's pretty much it. I'll post some new photos. There is a very mild improvement since the last ones I posted. But you'll be able to see the scarring I'm talking about. It seems to take a while for the site to approve them. They'll probably be there in a few days. Thanks for reading and for the support. :)



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