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Day 1+2



HI! First time blogging, I've had acne ever since I was about 9 or 10. I'm 16 now so I do have quite a bit of experience with acne. To simplify things, I'm just going to list the things I observed since I am not much of a writer.

Climate: I live in B.C. Canada, so the weather is wet and mild.

Scarring: A couple scars on cheeks, the rest of the face is clear of scars.

Number of times using regimen per day: 2 [Morning and night]/7 days a week

Type of acne: Mild-Moderate [in between] Facial + back acne, but only using for face to compare with back acne.

Type of skin: Combination - Asian

I use makeup daily, and it does not effect my acne. It actually makes my acne a bit better actually o.o. [i get less pimples with make up on].

Since I didn't post day 1 here, I will now.

DAY 1!

I moderated all of the proportions to start off, my skin tends to react badly if i use too much of a new product or too many new products at once.

First impressions from first day:

- Cleanser - Didn't sting, felt clean. But had a kind of chemical smell[i don't mind it].

- Benzoyl peroxide - Used a half a pump to start off with, stings a little bit but not too much to handle. Some spots turned pink, but they lessened with bio-oil.

- Moisturizer - Sufficient moisturizing, also smelled like chemicals. And again, didn't mind it.

The regimen left my skin soft! And my skin was matte, but not dry. Face itches quite a bite, and is pretty red. When a spot itched too much I put bio-oil on it to ease the itch.

DAY 2!

Next morning

- my old pimples have shrunken[almost invisible] and gotten less red

- some new pimples appeared[i have small pimples pop up almost everyday so it's normal], might just be older pimples rising to the surface or a reaction to the treatment[not sure at this point]

- the one big pimple on my nose was clearing up and hurt less

- treatment seems to be working

I'm kind of surprised on how fast it's working!

- Benzoyl peroxide still not drying, using smaller amounts

- skin is soft and matte

- pinkish spots from benzoyl peroxide[helps using bio-oil]

- looks like I'm blushing with my whole face


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