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Me, Myself, & My Acne :redface:



Hi All!

I wanna start by saying that I have been an Acne.org follower since early last year, even though I didn't sign up until NOW(and I'll get to why later).

Me: I am 23 yr. old female from the West Coast, I have a 5 yr. old son and am a single mom. I never struggled with acne and have led a fairly healthy lifestyle my entire life. When I was about 21 1/2 I started to break out all over my chin area next to my mouth. I can't think of anything that would have made me breakout, any changes or anything like that. Regardless, I broke out! I continued to break out for the next almost 2 years!!!! I was absolutely DEVASTATED! I am one to be considered attractive, not to sound conceited! I am fairly vain, or was....okay maybe i STILL am, but BOY have I been humbled after struggling with ACNE!

First: I blamed it on improper face washing, which led me to buy every product under the sun for the next almost 2 years. S.A.'s, B.H.A.'s A.H.A.'s, Benzo., Glycolics, etc. etc. if someone, anyone mentioned about how much it helped them, I ran out to the store to buy it.

Second: I blamed it on stress! I hated my job at the time, was working full time, going to school in the evenings and working at a crappy-boring-depressing law firm and I HATED it! AND I couldn't stand my boss! What a creep!! SO, I blamed it on my misery, which in turn resulted in..more acne(?)

Third: I blamed it on my diet, after doing research I cut out ALL soy! I SWORE it was the culprit to all my bumpy chinned evil! Next I cut out all nut products. Bye bye peanut butter, almonds, pistachios, peanut butter cups, etc. etc. I went all organic(about 75%) no dairy, no red meats, etc. STILL!! Continued to break out in my chin area! SO I cut out all caffeine/coffee products, NOTHING!

Fourth: Hormones! YES! This HAD to be it! So I did some research and took my optimistic self to the doctors, after several rounds of crappy antibiotics because of my unwillingness to go on hormonal birth control, only result: stomache cramping, indegestion, night sweats, headaches and dehydration I vowed to never allow a doctor put me on antibiotics EVER again! After seeing several dermatologist I couldn't believe that they had suggested Accutane! ME?? ACCUTANE? but my acne isnt even THAT bad! Its only in my chin area, I know the cysts are popping up all over my chin and my face is so sore I have to beg my boyfriend not to come near me, this has to be just a phase...Accutane?No way Doc., :hand:Accutane has to be a last resort, I was convinced this was just a phase, like most women in their early to mid 20s go through! Plus I was terrified of going on Accutane, and terrified of the medical bills!

Fifth: Maybe I needed some facials? Maybe a little microdermabrasion, IPLs, Blue & Red Light treatments, Pixel(was affective on a scar caused by the dermatologist BTW) you name it I tried it and dished out 100s for it! ALL I wanted was my clear bump free skin back!

As you may have guessed, nothing that I tried, no matter all the money I spent, nothing improved the condition. I was at my wits end almost 2 years later when I was introduced to a product, for weightloss and nutrition, etc. Now, I had no intention of taking the product to help improve my skin condition, this was in October of last year) I just wanted to get back into a healthy lifestyle again. So, I began taking the products, what is the name you may ask? Well, please....hold your snickers(and no not the candy bar snickers) til im done...its called Herbalife. Many of you may have heard of this product, boy its ALL over the world! Its promoted as one of the best weightloss products, but anyhow, back to my point. I started taking their products, shakes, supplements to promote fat burning, etc. etc. BUT in particular I was recommended 2 productts, 1)21-day cleanse 2)Ultimate Prostate Formula. Several of the distributors told me about this product and how much it had helped them and their customers achieve acne free skin! After trying so many products and treatments, I was not as optimistic as before, but I thought, heck! why not...SO, I did it, first the 21 day cleanse then I incorporated the Prostate Formula. After 1 month my skin had improved SIGNIFICANTLY! WOW, I couldnt believe it! After 2 months of being on the product, I stopped taking the Prostate Formula to see if it was just my imagination, bad idea! within 2 weeks I had several pimples on my cheeks (now) and 2 giant cyst were forming underneath the skin near my mouth and nose! I panicked and got on the website to order another bottle of the prostate stuff! I couldn't believe it! Now 1 week later my skin is back to normal, I didnt even get bumps during PMS week.

I do apologize, I know my post is REALLY long, but I like so many of you on this site have tried so many things to try and rid themselves of their acne problems, especiall hormonal acne. I joined Acne.org today as a member because I want to share my story with all of you, just how you all have shared your story with so many of us.

I am attaching a current picture of my skin, I am fair-skinned and as PROOF you can see the hyperpigmentation that my 2 yr. acne struggle has left behind..battle wounds! Wounds because I know they will eventually heal.


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Are you still clear? I'm really thinking about picking these products up, because it makes sense. Im a male though.THANKS!

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Are you still clear? I'm really thinking about picking these products up, because it makes sense. Im a male though.THANKS!
YES! I AM! I was actually going thru some pics I took when I had about a dozen zits all over my lower cheeks, :boohoo: I cant believe what a difference it has made!!! I've known of people that have gotten clear off of the 21 day cleanse from herbalife. I tried it, and i felt really good, ive heard of doing detoxing of the liver, and how it can benefit your skin. I am so thankful to have been introduced to Herbalife! Now I can't be without my clear-skin products (: I am finally regaining my confidence :D PM me if you want more information.

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