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Day 44 - Things are looking up!



Day 44

Its hard to believe I'm already more than six weeks into my treatment! Time is flying.

After my dosage was upped two weeks ago from 40mg/day of Amnesteem to 60mg/day, my skin went a little haywire. I started the higher dosage on day 31, and I would say that days 34 to 40 were fairly bad. I got some new actives around my eyebrows and on my chin. And, but of course, the horrible dryness and peeling from the first couple weeks of my treatment came back big time.

I also started to have constant feelings of a bladder infection, as well as (warning...TMI alert!!) some trouble with constipation. I was feeling pretty uncomfortable all around for about a week.

The past couple days, I've started to feel better. And my skin is looking a lot better! Knock on wood, but I have gotten NO new actives in several days. Awesome! :)

Current skin condition:

-Dry and a little peely, but nothing unbearable.

-The patch of rough bumps on my chin keeps going through a cycle. It gets a bit inflamed, then dries up, then peels, then feels smooth. This happens on a weekly basis. I'm hoping its just trying to go away completely.

-My oily face is a lot better these days. I still get a little oily on my nose and forehead, but NOTHING like before.

-I've developed some rough, scaly skin on my shoulders and biceps. Eczema, maybe? Not sure, but it looks and feels pretty gross.

-My blackheads are looking better. I've seen a big improvement in the ones on my nose. I never experience them "falling out" as I've read about in others' blogs, but they seemed to just be less and less noticeable over the past week.

Current side effects:

-None to speak of at the moment. My bladder/bathroom issues have been better. I've been sleeping better and not having weird dreams. All around, I'm feeling pretty darn good!

Current products/skin care routine:

-LOVING my leave-on face lotion/Vitamin E mask from The Body Shop. I use it morning and night, and it really helps with keeping my skin fairly moist.

-I keep a little tube of Cocoa Butter lotion (CVS brand) at my desk at work, and if I notice any little flakes appearing on my face throughout the work day, I just rub in a bit of the Cocoa Butter, and the flakes are gone! :D

Hope you are all having a good 2011 so far!


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