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day 119



just got my 2nd to last derm appt today, sill on 80mg a day

winter heat is making my skin a little more dry and eyes a little more dry as well

other than that im extremely ready to get done with accutane and on with the rest of my life

i have a few marks left and i get a pimple a month

developed jock itch last week due to working out and dry skin, antifungal cream has solved that already.

joint achyness is there but not significant

i now weight 185 i was 190 when i started and ive been lifting

so i have successfully lost fat and gained muscle while getting rid of my pimples and in the process i have gained an extra shower a day improving my already great hygene and white teeth.

life is looking great so far, idk how anyone could be depressed on accutane this is a time for improvement of body and mind and i congrat anyone who has to go through this process its hard because accutane literally takes the life out of you and has a lot of potential side effects that i might not even know about.


Yo man - havent been on in days... I was off accutane for almost a month surrounding the holidays tho. It fuckin sucked my derm told me to take a few days off if I was going to drink so I took off like 10 er something cause I drank a bunch and then she had trouble approving my 120mg for a while so it ended up being almost like 25 days - fuckin gay. But ya im back on and at 120mg so I think being at this high a dose will shoot the shit out of my face real fast. Only been on this dose like 2 weeks now and havent noticed any difference. was expecting a fat breakout when i came backon but no im still at like the same place. Im still working out a bunch havent started up the creatine but am still taking the white flood pre w/out the creatine. Pulled my hamstring playing soccer yesterday tho so im pretty fucked. Still hoping to be good by my bday april 30th so hopefully that break didnt screw me over too bad

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oh damn, yea i have 1 derm visit left, and a month and half left of this garbage and im done thank god, my skin has been all clear since month 3 but i have gotten a few pimples here and there lately but its all good. i have been done with my supps for a month now and i need to get some more but for now ive just been liftin off meals. im ready for this shit to be out of my system. ill be on 80mg for the rest of the time

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