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Giordano's 3 step Process to cure acne !



Hey there.

After about 7 years of suffering from Mild-Moderate Acne, and tons of trial and error, I've come up with an easy 3 step guide that if you follow will have your Acne gone in 5 months.. Maximum. The average clearing time would be 1-2 months..which seems like NOTHING compared to my 7 years :D

The reason I'm doing this is, after 7 years of acne and not having all the information at hand, and not knowing what products work and what don't, I feel I wasted LOTS of my time, money and I sacrificed LOTS of Social functions because of the way I looked. My goal is to put this information here, in an easy format, for a young person with acne, anyone who is new to acne, or anyone who is lost and looking for something that ACTUALLY works.

First off I want to say this. You hear all the time about natural treatments and so on...A "Natural" acne remedy is most likely not going to help. The best acne treatments are treatments that have effective chemicals which are going to kill off the bacteria which is the root cause of acne. And I know some people are worried that these medications or products are harmful and bad, but in fact they're not and can actually be benificial for your skin and body.

So here's my 3 step process.

1) You need a good Facewash/Cleanser and a Moisturizer. Mandelic Acid Products are the best products to treat Acne, and as an added bonus it has Anti-aging and wrinkle healing properties too. You want both your cleanser and your moisturizer to contain Mandelic Acid. There are a few Supplies out there, most of the good ones you order from Online. I would recommend Nucelle; it's the one I used, and probably the best Mandelic Acid supplier on the market. You would want to order their Mandelic Acid 10% serum and there Mandelic Acid Moisturizer. Despite popular believe, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WASH YOUR FACE MORE THAN ONCE A DAY WITH A CLEANSER! In fact I wash my face with a cleanser every second day, once during the day, and the days off I just use water...once during the day.

Give the cleanser and moisturizer a go for two weeks, if it doesn't work or clear it up 100% then take a trip to the doctors, and proceed to step 2

2) Ask your doctor for a prescription called BACTRIM. the next step is to combine your Cleanser & Moisturizer with Bactrim. Remember don't stop using the cleanser and moisturizer at this point, even if you're not getting the results you want. Now don't demand Bactrim from your Doctor, but simply suggest it to him, and yes your doctor will listen to you if you're confident and knowledgeable. Stress that you've tried all other medications and nothings working for you. Now of course your Doctor will not always give you the prescription you want, for example if you asked for Narcotics, it's not gonna happen... but when it's a condition like acne, you're doctor will give way to your suggestion of Bactrim. Bactrim is a great Antibiotic and clears up most people's Acne in a couple of weeks. Don't worry this is not a harmful Antibiotic, don't always be naive and fooled by all the Government warnings, medical companies HAVE to put warnings of some sort for liability reasons..IN CASE something bad happens..doesn't mean anything will happen. Now if you're a special individual and Bactrim does not work for you, then go back to your doctor and it's up to his wonderful judgment to do some more trial and error. If after failed attempts by your Doctor to solve your acne he may already recommend step 3 or you will have to take the initiative for step 3. Now I must stress that step 3 is a last resort only ! and it's if the above does not work and if other medications do not work.

3) If the above doesn't work, your LAST RESORT is another trip to your Doctor. You will again suggest a drug called Accutane aka Isotretinoin. You will still be using your cleanser and moisturizer of course. Acutane WILL clear your acne...90% success rate!! Your Doctor may not be willing to prescribe you Accutane. I was able to persuade my Doctor to prescribe it, but if no luck for you, then you are going to suggest a Referral to a Dermatologist. A Dermaologist is a Doctor who specializes in the treatment of skin. Again you are going to suggest Accutane to him and say you've tried everything...and that acne is bothering you...and all that jazz. If all goes well then you will take Accutane for 5 months and about after 3-4 months Acne will be gone !!

Accutane will dry out your skin because it works by supplying your body with high amounts of Vitamin A, and that causes your Sebaceous Glands to shrink, which therefore solves the problem of Acne.

There are also a few things you can do outside of the 3-Step Process which will help reduce acne.

- Keeping your long hair off your face, this is important for all you long hair guys, and even girls !

- Drink plenty of water. Water will not treat or cure your acne, but it will help speed things up in conjunction with the 3-Step Process.

- Do not touch your face. Touching your face will spread oils and bacteria around your face, therefore spreading acne and making things worse.

- Don't be afraid to continue lifting weights and working out while you're suffering from acne. Lots of people I know completely stop working out while suffering from acne because they fear sweating causes acne...WRONG. You can continue working out during the 3-Step Process and everything will be fine ! :)

That's it everybody !

Good luck,

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps you the way it helped me!!


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