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So here it goes!



I just wanted to say hi!

I am a 35 year old guy living in London, I have suffered from Acne since I was 13 or so. I have had lots of highs, many lows, good months, bad months and times where I have wanted to jump off a cliff!

So I am sitting at my desk at work waiting for the green light email from my dermatologist that I cant start my Roaacutane. I am not sure if Im excited or worried with nerves!

I don’t have terrible acne, usually about four spots (on a good day) right now but I do get a new one pretty much every day! Soul destroying stuff. So, my Dermatologist has decided to put on a low does of Roaccutane -20 mg per day for 6 months. This will then be followed by a Retin A cream for daily/ weekly maintenance. I am so worried about the initial breakout but, I have been told by the doc that this only happens when you have closed comodones under the skin (little white bumps) which touch wood I don’t have. So, she seems positive that I should not break out!

So, here it goes........ I need to reclaim back my life. Far too many hours have been spent looking in the mirror almost in tears, too much time has been spent following diets and routines in a hope not to get a dreaded spot. I am frightened about the journey I am about to start, worried about what the next month will be like as the side effects set in. The good thing is that I am on a low dose for a long period which I feel will minimise certain effects........

I did go on Roaccutane when I was 23, it worked wonders but with no follow up from the NHS, the spots slowly came back and at 35 I know that acne is starting to take hold again. It came as a complete shock when it started to take hold again towards the end of last year but, once accepted, its easy to take action. Lets hope this is the right action!

OK guys wish me luck! Here goes it!


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