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Days 4-5



Hello...still doing well. My face is still broken out,but the Accutane seems to bring the gunk to the surface so that normally cystic type pimples are very easy to pop. I do this very gently. I am still dabbing Acctone on the spots that are giving me trouble. I am still taking Minocycline until this month's Rx runs out, then I will stop. Washing with Cetaphil, moisturizing with samples of Aveeno my dermatologist gave me. Not noticing much body dryness at this point.

My eyes are less dry and the mild headache is gone. I went out to dinner with my husband and friends last night and did have one glass of wine. My physician has said nothing about cutting down on alcohol, but I plan to limit my intake when I drink at all. Overall, I feel fine and am very positive. Looking forward to clearer skin.


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