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Survived 1 week without Epiduo!



It's been a while since I've blogged...

Skin has been going pretty good. Had a few small pimples but nothing major. Luckily, I have not picked.

It's sooo hard not to pick but I have been so scared of scarring/more hyper pigmentation on my skin.

Few things I have noticed:

1) There has been a huge reduction in my whiteheads/blackheads.

I really think that Omega 3/6 is helping with that. Since I started taking chia seeds, I have seen a huge reduction. Been a few weeks now. Also, perhaps my hormone levels are back to normal now after the pill (been 7 months since I have been off the pill) - my skin is also less oily.

2) Manuka honey used as a mask every day has been wonderful in evening my skin tone, and reducing my hyperpigmentation. I have been using it for nearly a month, and I have definitely seen an improvement with dark marks fading.

3) I have not used Epiduo in a week!!! We have been trying for pregnancy so can't use it. Was so scared about not being able to use it but my skin has been doing pretty good.

4) I have been more aware of following a good diet (less sugar and fried food). Lots of water and supplements. Currently I am taking chia seeds (omega 3 and 6), pumpkin seeds (for zinc), vit c, and vit d and lots of veges for vit a.

5) Trying to manage my stress levels. The days I have been more stressed, I have definitely seen more small breakouts on my skin.

6) Still not wearing any make-up (apart from a little concealer on dark marks when going out to a party) - I think this helps my skin breathe. I am paranoid about my skin breaking out from make-up. I am sort of over what others might think of my appearance.

Diet changes/lifestyle changes are hard but if you can stick to them, I think you will hopefully see a difference. Even if you are not perfect everyday with it, having an aim is important. I have also let go quite a bit the last month. Accepted that I am not going to be flawless, perfect, and it's okay. Stressing is not going to help. So yes, things are okay for the moment. Fingers crossed! I will find out by the end of the month if I am pregnant or not. Hopefully, my skin will be okay until then! Can't use any prescription meds in the mean time! Going to be a challenge!!


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