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EW, had to go for my blood test today, needles = yuck, but oh well, only five more times to go. even the lady working behind the desk at the clinic looked sympathic when she saw that i have to come back each month. lol.

anyways, everything zit wise is looking good, a little tiny one came up on my cheek last night and i have a few small ones on my forehead, other that that i am pretty much clear. what is coming up tho... blackheads, and tons of them, when i look up close before i put my powder on, it almost looks like i have freckles, only they're blackheads. L.O.L. Some fall out but there's still tons just sitting there, i really hope they're not like stuck or something and are just gonna chill there for the next six months, lol, but i alwaysw remind myself, IT'S STILL EARLY, don't freak out yet.

skin has almost completely stopped producing oil, sometimes i can feel it despertly trying but yeah, like 95% gone, i LOVE IT, yehaw. lol.

skin is pretty red on my cheeks, not even like red marks really, just red, but that's a side effect of the accutane i hear, suppodely it goes away after a few months when your body really adjusts. easily covered up tho, so i'm not really worried.

on a side note; i want a driiinnnkkkk, lol, this no alchole thing kinda sucks.


Hahaha i neeeeed a drink too xD but i tell myself at least I can be a designated driver for a while :D keep the streets safe :D that sucks that you have to get blood test!!! I'm doing urine test...that's kinda gross too, but not painfull :boohoo:

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Just a quick comment to say you blog is really useful.I'm just starting accutane and am a little worried, reassured by reading your blog though.I'm like you in the way I hate to say my skin looks better because I feel i'm jinxing it and end up touching wood lots. lol.All the best!

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