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3 weeks



I've been applying differin for I believe, 3 weeks now. Definitely breaking out. There's more pimples on my forehead but they're not too bad, mostly small little bumps and an occasional white head.

I'm even breaking out a little on my cheeks. The strange thing is that I'm breaking out a lot more around my nose and you can tell that the pores are bigger. I don't know what's up with that 'cause I don't even apply differin there...

Anyways, other than that I can't really say that there's been a real significant change to my skin. My problem is that I put a little bit foundation on which probably isn't helping with the progress. I know I shouldn't do that but I feel so bare without any foundation on... :\ Although I think next week I'll stop putting some on my face 'cause it'll probably decrease the breakout.

So far Nivea Soft is moisturizing my skin and it hasn't reacted with differin so that's good. Don't wanna jinx it though, haha *knocks on wood* As well, I've noticed that I've been a lot more oily than usual. I've always had oily skin but lately it's been more oily so maybe that's because of differin...

Anyways, I shall update in another week. I really hope this is working....



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