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Day 1



I set this blog up for myself a little while ago and I wish I could change the title but I can't figure out how to do that so I guess it's going to stick!

I'm a 21 year old girl who has gone through quite a lot in the last two years. In the summer of 2008, I started taking birth control and I was one of the unlucky few that experienced all kinds of side effects from it. I don't quite have the energy to go into detail, but fast forward to today and I'm really, really struggling with my skin and some hair problems (a lot of breakage and falling out).

I am in therapy to help me cope and I am in the midst of mustering up the courage to really tackle my acne. I went to a derm back in September 2010 but I didn't start the meds she gave me. I also have binge eating disorder--I eat through my anxiety--which is a huge cause of my acne and now that therapy has helped me realize how to go about healing myself I know that now is the best time to begin.

Today is Friday, January 7, 2011 and I plan to begin my journey to clear skin and healthier hair growth tomorrow. Through the blog I'll track my skin routine as well as my diet which I plan to change.

I was binging for so long and I really feel like I need to give my body a rest, so I'm going to be consuming water, green juice, protein smoothies, and if I feel like I need something solid I'll eat stir fried veggies with hemp seed or eggs.

I'm also going to start exercising and pushing myself to leave the house more often. I don't go out much at all since I left college to cope with my illness, and I've scouted out some places (the bookstore, library, park) that I'll feel comfortable hanging out in.

Right now, my skin is scarred with a heck of a lot of redmarks, some large whiteheads (gross man, this blog won't be for the faint of heart), clogged pores and what I feel is some icepick-like scarring and very visible pores on my cheeks, a sort of indent in my cheek that has recently appeared (I think it's a few scarred pores together), and my face is dry.

I'm going to stick to hot baths, using just water to rinse my face, and lightly steaming my face this week.

I feel like I've done my research about acne scarring and it seems like TCA Cross by Dr. Rappaport (who luckily lives in the same state as me), and/or TCA Peels and Dermabrasion can help me heal my scars. They're super obvious to me but I suppose in the realm of acne scarring they'll be considered superficial.

I don't regret binging, to be perfectly honest. I was very scared and and had very little hope for my future when I got sick, and didn't start therapy for a very long time. I also have Indian parents who were unhelpful at first and disappointed when I left college...so it soothed me and kept me afloat while I evolved to where I am today.

I'm ready to do this and I will update daily.



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