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New Makeup Suggestion for Accutaners!



Throughout my accutane course, I've recommended quite a few different makeup products. Because your skin changes so much (from oily to dry, dry to scaly, scaly to red and raw...you get the picture) I think it's helpful to know ahead of time what kind of makeup works best for each stage.

In month 4, I am using Almay Pure Blends makeup. This is something I had tried pre-accutane and absolutely despised! I used it once and quickly tossed it into my "makeup reject basket".

My friends, Accutane will make you do things you never thought you would. This makeup is essentially an oil-base. I mean, if you don't shake it up, a big drop of oil leaks out of the tube before the makeup dispenses. Perfect. for. accutane.

I still put a bunch of Olay moisturizer under it (water based, so it doesn't burn my skin), but it keeps my face hydrated all day and gives it a really pretty glow. My only complaint is that it doesn't stay on super-well--but I don't have any crazy zits to reveal when it does wipe off, so I'm okay with that :redface:

WOW. If somebody showed me this paragraph 4 months ago, I would have a bet a million bucks I didn't write it.


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