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Month 2. Day 69



Went to my dermatology clinic today, saw a new dermatologist who has increased my dose to 30mg a day. My blood reports are all good despite having over-indulged on chocolate and alcohol and cigarettes over the Christmas season. My Acne has significantly improved and so has my confidence, as acne has been a big confidence drainer for me. I still hate my photo being taken and squirm inside under the really strong fluorescent lighting you find in convenience stores. But, I feel a lot more confident now than I did a month ago, and my friends and family have pointed out that I appear to be happier which pleases me because I do genuinely feel happier, not contented but whoever living is?

Finding solace in music especially classical music, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but, I love it and it helps me keep my head raised high and to walk with a spring in my step.

Making steady progress with Accutane, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming clearer and clearer a little day by day. My skin is not dry at all except for my hands but that's because I've always had eczema on my hands. Lips are dry of course, have to moisturise every hour or so, especially when I'm outdoors. My acne has cleared up, less smaller spots everywhere but still getting those big nasty cysts mostly popping up around my back, neck, jawline area, and there's no getting rid of the bastards.

Overall, it's all good, lots of happy pills,chocolate and coffee. Got lots of exams so lots of sleeping to do.

Peace Goldmund


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