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Day 2 - All is well



Hello...it is day two and all is well. I realized last night after posting my entry thAt I did not give a skin status, before starting Accutane. I have read so many of these blogs and they have been so helpful and have given so much information, I want to do the same.

So...before starting Accutane yesterday, my face was pretty broken out. About 4 cystic acne spots, ranging in size from an eraser head to a dime and painful. Plenty of blackheads on nose, above lips and on chin. Luckily, most of these are easily covered by makeup. Some red spots from old zits that have not faded.

Today, my face seemed more oily than normal and burned a little bit. As I am already experienced with dryness from using Acctone and Tazorac, which made me very dry and flaky, I am waiting to see how dry the Accutane will make things. No real change in the cysts today, except they seem to be coming to the surface. Pretty much status quo. Some dryness in the eyes, just used lubricating drops to deal with it.

No bad moods or depression. I feel like I have a very faint headache, but nothing major. I slept very well last night, so if that is a side effect, hurray! Felt a little itchy in spots today, but again, nothing major.

BTW - my husband could not make it to the pharmacy in time after work to get his Rx for his Accutane, so he will be starting tomorrow. I have been sharing a lot of the blog feedback with him and he thinks everyone is being overly dramatic about their side effects. We shall see how he feels in a week or two. I hope for his sake that he does not suffer many ill effects.


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