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day 31



I don't want to jinx myself, but i feel like i've turned the corner on this. I haven't gotten a new zit in over a week. I dont think ive been able to say that for 6 years lol. My nose has always been absolutely infested with blackheads, but there starting to disappear. My back is 100% clear, too.

I had my one month checkup the other day. My doc says to up the dosage to 40 mgs a day, which is fine with me.

My side effects are getting a little worse. I just had a bad nose bleed earlier. My skin gets really red sometimes, like if i work out or am outside for to long. The back of my hands are really scaly and red and dried, and my lower back hurts from time to time.

Overall, I'm happy with how its going. My skin still looks pretty bad from the red marks left over from the beating my face took a few months ago, but they are definately improving. Hopefully my breakouts will stop now or at least be cut back so that my skin can get a chance to heal.


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