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In a Nutshell



There is not a part of me that doesn't know that the number one reason I have acne is STRESS. Stress has kind of taken over my life. For example...yesterday I woke up a 6 am worked all day, then went straight to school till ten pm...got in an arguement...went to bed for 5 hours...woke up at 6 am and now I do it all over again. I do this everyday. Sometimes there is even more going on like spending time on homework and attempting to do things with friends. Then I get no sleep at all. Urgh. The worst part is that everything I do I need to do. There is no way I can quit any of it. I have never been so busy in my life! And people wonder why I spend hours spacing out at work....hahaha.

I can't wait for the weekend so I can get more homework done and maybe sleep 8 hours!


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