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January 04...day 80 almost finished month 3

Benjamin M.P


oh lord day 80...

im not feeling great... more breakouts.

red marks wont go away...

breakouts by my mouth THE WORST KIND...

i just want this shit to be over.

im seeing my derm tomorrow...blood tests and shit.. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

maybe my skin looks better to otehr people?? fuck if i know...

it doesnt look good to me.

3 more months before the end of my course. that is unless my derm wants to extend my treatment.

still 10 days till i finish month 3.

i hope this is the miracle month coming up.... MONTH 4....


i dont want any more active stuff on my face. i thought i was done breaking out... NOPEEEE

accutane sucks.

i get so dry by mouth and it irriates the shit out of me while im in class all day. i put stuff on but it doesnt even work anymore...not for but 15minutes. chapped lips.

BACK acne HAS in fact dissapeared.

but i didnt really have much to start out with.

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this.

ill post again later. i dunno how soon itll be unless i notice great improvements:(

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hey ben! don't get discouraged. from what i've read, for some people it takes months (4,5 or even 6) to start seeing improvements. your back acne is gone, so accutane is certainly working for you! don't get upset! it will work out in the end for sure! maybe you should talk to your doctor about increasing your dosage, no?

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