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I used to have really oily skin, I would put my powder on in the morning, blot before I left the house, get to work, have to blot AGAIN, blot again maybe like eight frigging times during the work day. The last two days or so, my face has completely stopped producing oil, I didn't blot once today and nothing, not even the tinyest bit of shine, it's nice tho, not complaning one bit! haha.

so yeah, stuff is still going good acne wise, a few of the old ones still need to go down completey and those ones on my forehead yesterday are working their way down too. But holy crap, those clogged pore things, shit is getting nasty. my skin is so rough from them all coming up, when i look up close, you can see tons and tons of like the ends sticking up, a few come out now and then, but there's so many, i have a feeling it's gonna take a good month or two for them to all come out. and since my skin is so dry now too, there's nothing helping them out, so they just sit there. it's better than zits, but they still do give my skin a pretty rough looking texture, even when you step abit back. huh.

liking the Cetaphil tho, definite thumbs up to that.

day eightteen... i feel like i'm starting to really make progress now!


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